1- Human genome project:

The international cohort in the leadership of USA and a private

company separately sequenced human germ cell DNA. The success of the project was

announced to the public by Bill Clinton, the former president of USA.


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2- HAPMAP project:

This is the project to reveal individual variations (single nucleotide polymorphisms)

on human genome among 260 people with different ethnicity.

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3- 1000 genome project:

This project aimed to catalogue structural variations on human

genome by sequencing 2504 people from 26 different ethnic populations. This study

underlined the significance of structural variations like insertions and deletions.

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4- İceland genome project:

Iceland is a comparatively isolated island country, and the genome project included 2636 inhabitants.

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5- 100.000 genomes project:

Britain’s genome project focuses on rare genetic disorders and common cancers.

It is aimed to reveal genomic associations with the diseases. Patient enrollment is continuing.

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6- Precision medicine initiative:

In this prospective cohort in USA individuals’ genomic data,

clinical data and the environmental exposures will be integrated. The volunteers will be

followed up and their clinical status will be noted. At the end it is aimed to define new risk

factors for various diseases and tailor the treatment on individual basis.