Cancer is the second leading cause of death in Turkey and account for 21% of the all mortalities.


According to World Health Organization, in 2012 approximately 14 million people was diagnosed

cancer all around the world, and this number is predicted to be increased to 22 million people in the

next 20 years (World Cancer Report, 2014).


It is also predicted that cancer related deaths will increase from 8,2 million in 2012 to 13 million in the next 20 years.


Turkish Institute of Statistics reported that in 2013, 79.628 people died from cancer in Turkey.


Istanbul is the leading city where the most cancer deaths take place even after adjusted for the population.


According to Turkish Cancer Report by Public Health Institution every year around 200 people in 100.000 population is diagnosed cancer.


Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in women (40 in 100.000).


The most frequent cancers in men are lung, prostate and colon cancers (66, 26 and 21 in 100.000 population, respectively).