Human genome project is a beginning of a new era, where the casual relationship with various diseases and genes are discovered and the mechanisms of several diseases are enlightened. At this point, for utilizing this novel enormous scientific data in order to improve public healthcare, there is a need of innovative diagnostic infrastructure and a need of cluster of multidisciplinary clinical and basic science researchers who are collaboratively focused on specific topics and who are open minded in terms of employing novel diagnostic tools.

In response to this need, GLAB is founded with the grant from Istanbul Development Agency’s 2015 Innovative Istanbul Financial Support Program. Istanbul Association of Northern Anatolian Public Hospitals, which is the biggest healthcare structuring in the country and Istanbul Technical University, which is well-known for its innovative approach in basic sciences are cooperating in this project. Aforesaid genomic laboratory is unique in terms of the service type provided within Ministry of Health.

At first sight, the aim of the GLAB is to exploit the accumulated universal genomic knowledge, which is the result of global R&D activities, for better healthcare service to community. Cancer patients are chosen as the primary target patient group, since cancer is the second leading cause of mortality in our country. Thanks to the infrastructure of GLAB and collaboratively working researchers from clinical and basic sciences, it is aimed to reveal the genetic factors those predispose to cancer. By determining cancer predisposing mutations in high risk groups, these individuals will be offered to participate in prevention and screening programs. In long term, the target is to decrease mortality rate due to cancer and incidence rates for cancer.

GLAB will provide service within Istanbul Association of Northern Anatolian Public Hospitals, which is the largest public health institution in Turkey, in terms of both the population that the services are provided and the financial structure. GLAB will act as a pioneer in constructing and exploiting the universal genomic scientific knowledge generated by basic sciences for providing better healthcare to community. Besides increasing quality and quantity of healthcare that is being served to millions of people, GLAB also aims to be a unique research laboratory that constructs the big data regarding these services and generate novel scientific knowledge with innovative and creative data analyzing solutions. GLAB will consistently prioritize its merit of being a melting pot for clinical researchers and basic science researchers with an R&D oriented approach. As a result of our effort to reach the aims of the project, GLAB will contribute to national development goal which is to be a regional center of attraction via providing global added value, thanks to our intensive technological infrastructure, the high quality knowledge-based healthcare service that is given at our health care institutions and our innovative R&D activities which are the results of experience on big data processing.


Glab Logo

It is aimed to create a perception towards the cutting-edge biotechnology while designing the GLAB logo. In this concept, rational shapes that are generated with the inspiration of biologic genetic coding system, are combined with green and blue colors which symbolize healthy lifestyle. Moreover, vertical axis of a human silhouette referring to Vitruvian Man is employed with the aim of to characterize human body and body ratios to signify the development/improvement notion, since the high-tech structuring will serve on individual basis and this is a project concerning the whole human body. In order to make the “Genomic Laboratory” expression to be enderstood straightforwardly, the letters in the phrase are utilized in an accurate ratio and GLAB abbreviation is created and signified with dominant colors in the logo.

The genomic laboratory will not draw attention of only health care researchers or the various patient groups, instead it will be of interest to all humanity. To serve this purpose, GLAB logo is designed to express the distinctive qualities of the project. The GLAB logo embodies innovation, technological improvement and transformation in medicine. The logo also represents mobility and controllability of information and emphasizes the concept of serving healthcare at an individual basis.